Conditions Needing Physical Therapy

When your pain interferes with your tasks and activities for a long time, you should consider undergoing physical therapy sessions. Physical therapy in Florida has long been touted for its ability to help people with injuries by reducing pain and improving mobility.

PT is a non-invasive rehabilitative discipline aimed at improving the quality of health. It includes different types of treatment, such as stretching, exercises, and massage.

  • Stroke

    Physical therapy is necessary for the rehabilitation of the brain and assists in learning skills that have been affected by a stroke. It involves different activities to help the brain adapt to the suffered injury. Patients recovering from stroke may also need speech therapy in Florida.

  • Amputation

    Therapy involves working on strengthening the muscles, flexibility, and coordination. Physical therapists are experts in movement. They can help with training on the use of prostheses as part of the post-operative rehabilitation.

  • Sports Injuries

    There are specific types of sports injuries that can be treated with appropriate programs or prevention exercises for a safe and quick recovery. Occupational therapy may also help enable people to participate in everyday life activities.

  • Musculoskeletal problems

    Muscles and skeletons degenerate and get progressively weakened owing to age and various disorders. It can be treated with exercises that involve mobility and support frames.

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