Creating a Healing Environment: Home Care Tips

When it’s time to receive home healthcare services in Davie, Florida, it’s vital to receive the proper care your loved one deserves. To maximize the benefits of care, one must prepare the home. This may involve recognizing potential hazards to ensure optimal comfort and safety. Here, we discuss tips for creating an environment fit for receiving care:

  • Identify and remove fall hazards.

    In addition to receiving physical therapy in Florida, reduce the risk of falls by removing fall hazards. Clear up clutter and make sure the floor is free of obstacles. Install good lighting at home and modify the home for wheelchair or walker accessibility, if necessary.

  • Improve bathroom safety.

    The bathroom can be an unsafe space for seniors with its slippery flooring and harsh surfaces. Install sturdy grab bars that are weighted for your loved one by the toilet and shower. Add a shower bench and install an easy-to-turn shower knob for easier access.

  • Stock up on basics.

    Make sure your loved one’s home is ready to receive care and accommodate a home health aide in Florida. Aside from food, be sure to stock the home with spare light bulbs, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, pet food and supplies, and your loved one’s medications. Prepare a list of emergency contact numbers as well, including family members.

  • Choose an area for rest.

    Select an appropriate area for your loved one to rest. Ideally, it should be a place that’s easy to navigate on their own and is comfortable. A suitable space should be spacious enough to fit any necessary equipment.

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